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ID Rules and Age Requirements

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In Order to be pierced, we require a form of ID for all piercings at any age including minors who are accompanied by a parent.

Adults - You must be at least 18 years of age and be able to provide a Photo ID, We will accept :

  • Drivers License

  • Passport

  • State issued identifaction card

Minors - any one under 18 getting a piercing musts be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian. They must provide identification and proof of age and relationship to the guardian. We will accept the following identification and proof of relationship:

  • any of the forms listed above from both a parent and minor, as long as a both show matching last names and addresses.

  • if parent has a diffrent last name or address as the minor, then legal documention(birth certificate, adoption papers etc.) must be provide. *be creative

  • Skyward Family Access or other school apps that show picture, birthdate, address and parent information.

  • If the legal guardian is not the parent, then legal documentation ( adoption papers, power of attorney giving full guardianship etc.) must be provided to verify the relationship.

  • minors under 11 can provide just a birth certificate for earlobe piercings only 


Ages required for specific piercings:

*piercing ages are subject to change, based on piercers discretion and comfort.

Minors 13 to 5 years old  

- Standard earlobes

*We do not pierce infants

Minors 14 and older with parent consent

- basic outer cartilage piercing 

- earlobes

Minors 15 and older with parent consent

- Nostril


- Navel

- Basic outer cartilage 

- Earlobes

Minors 16 to 17 with parent consent 

- All listed above

- All piercings on lobe and cartilage

- Eyebrows 

- Lip and Mouth 

- Septum 

adults 18 and up 

- Surface

- Dermals 

- Genital

- Nipples 

- Everything


If you have any questions regarding our ID and age policy please do not hesitate to call us!

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