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1. we require a form of ID for all piercings at any age. We accept valid photo ID, passport, birth certificate WITH a student id, or skyward family access.


2. We pierce minor's earlobes with custodial parent or legal guardian present and valid photo ID. Our only rule with basic lobe piercing on younger children is that the client (minor, child) must say that they want their ears pierced.  If the minor doesn't have a passport or state ID, a birth certificate and school ID is ABSOLUTELY required even for children ages 3-18 yrs on basic lobes. We will NOT pierce infant children's lobes!

3. We pierce minors navel and nostrils starting at age 15 and up. They must have photo ID with their age and a custodial parent with some form of matching photo ID. Driver's license, permit, school ID and birth certificate work perfect!

4. We pierce minors 16-17 years of age. All other piercing with the exception of gender specific and nipple piercings.  They also must have photo ID with age and custodial parent or legal guardian with matching photo ID.

5. 18 and up for surface, dermals, genitals and nipple piercings.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

6. Cartilage can be done at 13-14 years old being the youngest. Again, ID is required for ALL body piercings!

7. Rusty will pierce minors earlobes 9-10 years old and up. Mark will pierce minors earlobes 3yrs old and up. Amaila and Eric will pierce minors earlobes 5yrs old and up. This is the piercer's discretion so please respect what they are comfortable with. Thank you!!!

If you have any questions regarding our ID and age policy please do not hesitate to call us!