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Mark Only



When Mark was young, other parents didn't want their kids hanging out with him. He was a tad different. As he grew up music, motorcycles, martial arts, body modifications (Yes sewing needles and thread through the skin).


In the air force dorm, mates came to Mark over and over for their ears to be pierced. In 1997 Mark opened Raw Culture, one of the first mall stores in the country doing full body piercing.

It would be two more years before Mark found his calling. In 1999 Mark attended Fakir Musafar- Basic Body Piercing Intensive and Never looked back.  Always learning and growing as a Body Piercer. Mark owned Twisted Underground from 2001 to 2004 a very successful piercing and lifestyle(s) store.

In 2004 Only Precision Piercing was launched with only a dream in his pocket (giving a nod to Jerry Only of the Misfits and the fact that Mark doesnt use his last name) O.P.P became and is a very successful and popular destination for safe sane piercings and quality jewelry with unmatched customer service in the piercing industry.

As O.P.P. grew into a trusted shop, members of Marks piercing team went to Association of Professional Piercers conventions always bringing back a wealth of new information, networking with other piercers from around the country as well. Mark and O.P.P.only got better. In 2009 Mark was selected to be on the WADOL Washington State Department of Licensing advisory committee which contribute to the development of the Washington Code that will regulate the practices of Body Piercings, Tattooing, and other forms of Body Art for the state of Washington. In 2010 Mark again being so committed to the Piercing industry became a board member for W.A.B.A. Washington Association of Body Artist (R.I.P.) In 2012 a better, higher traffic, friendlier location, the new Only Precision Piercing was born. The new shop is easier to find and has much better parking. It features two beautiful piercing rooms, in a clean, sanitary environment. Mark and his piercing staff offer you the very best in quality precision, safe, sane, piercing(s),  and always friendly customer service. Only the best of all kinds of jewelry, information, aftercare (our lifetime care for your piercing) and so much more.... Mark has a way of turning customers into friends


Amalia Molina



i am a licensed piercer at Only Precision Piercing. I have been a part of the OPP family since 2016. Starting as an intern for Mark.

Over time I also learned from Rusty as well, I took the opportunity of working with two accomplished veterans in the piercing industry to learn and apply everything I could from them until 2018 when I officially became licensed to pierce. To this day i continue to hone my craft so I'am able to keep providing high quality piercings to our wonderful customers.

Piercing and all body mods have piqued my interest since a young age as well. I would play in the parking lot of a piercing shop when i was a young girl and i would admire the jewelry from the outside and prompt me to do my own research.

Being raised with a more conservative family, I waited until I was 18 for my own first piercing. Once i started I didn't stop until I had turned my body into my own personal view of beauty and continue to do so. Being able to provide the same service to others has been a dream for me. Besides being a piercer i am also a Mother to a Beautiful boy and family has always been number one to me. I consider everyone at Only Precision and our clients my FAMILY.

I look forward to meeting every one of our supporters!

Habla Espanol!


Andrew Collins



My name Andrew, I was raised by a single Dad who also happen to be one of the best piercer in the state of Washington. Being able to help people feel comfortable in their own flesh vessel makes me happy. From talking them off the edge, to helping them bring their breathing back, taking the anxiety away.. For me being a piercer is a privilege, and the trust people instill on their piercer, truly nothing like it. I hope that with each piercing I do, there’s also a one of a kind experience that will be cherished. Thank you to anyones path I’ve crossed, truly a pleasure.

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