Mark Only



When Mark was young, other parents didn't want their kids hanging out with him. He was a tad different. As he grew up music, motorcycles, martial arts, body modifications (Yes sewing needles and thread through the skin).


In the air force dorm, mates came to Mark over and over for their ears to be pierced. In 1997 Mark opened Raw Culture, one of the first mall stores in the country doing full body piercing.

It would be two more years before Mark found his calling. In 1999 Mark attended Fakir Musafar- Basic Body Piercing Intensive and Never looked back.  Always learning and growing as a Body Piercer. Mark owned Twisted Underground from 2001 to 2004 a very successful piercing and lifestyle(s) store.

In 2004 Only Precision Piercing was launched with only a dream in his pocket (giving a nod to Jerry Only of the Misfits and the fact that Mark doesnt use his last name) O.P.P became and is a very successful and popular destination for safe sane piercings and quality jewelry with unmatched customer service in the piercing industry.

As O.P.P. grew into a trusted shop, members of Marks piercing team went to Association of Professional Piercers conventions always bringing back a wealth of new information, networking with other piercers from around the country as well. Mark and O.P.P.only got better. In 2009 Mark was selected to be on the WADOL Washington State Department of Licensing advisory committee which contribute to the development of the Washington Code that will regulate the practices of Body Piercings, Tattooing, and other forms of Body Art for the state of Washington. In 2010 Mark again being so committed to the Piercing industry became a board member for W.A.B.A. Washington Association of Body Artist (R.I.P.) In 2012 a better, higher traffic, friendlier location, the new Only Precision Piercing was born. The new shop is easier to find and has much better parking. It features two beautiful piercing rooms, in a clean, sanitary environment. Mark and his piercing staff offer you the very best in quality precision, safe, sane, piercing(s),  and always friendly customer service. Only the best of all kinds of jewelry, information, aftercare (our lifetime care for your piercing) and so much more.... Mark has a way of turning customers into friends


Rusty Sin



Hi, I'm Russell, better known as Rusty Sin.

I have always been curious about body modifications of all sorts, it intrigued me in a very special way. Mark is literally the raddest guy I have ever met, we connected . He's like a father to me, and I mean that with lots of respect. Anyway, eventually I was asked to apprentice.

A regular apprenticeship lasts about 8 months. Mine lasted 2.5 years. Mark and I felt that decision was the best for me in the long run. In the beginning of my apprenticeship, I started to do basic tapering and jewelry changes for clients that came in. I then started to bring in friends (under Mark's supervision) and began to pierce them. I started to pierce more and more and now I am a fully licensed body artist in the state of Washington.

Thanks to Mark Only for teaching me this great art form. I can't wait to see what’s in store for my body modifications. I feel that the more I learn, do, practice, and teach, the better off I am. I attended the APP conference in Vegas in june of 2013 and in 2019, and I must say that the knowledge and insight I learned there about body piercings, rituals, services and so much more. I am happy to bring that all back to my clientele and make things better at the shop.

We treat everyone who walks thru the door here at OPP just the way we would want to be treated. We do not have any rock star attitude or any crap like that. That's what sets us apart from other places. We would not be where we are today if it weren't for you guys and all the support you have shown us these past years.

You are all a part of what we have grown to be. Dont ever change, be just the way you are. Dont ever let anyone ever talk down on you because you chooses to decorate your body with piercings and tattoos. Thats what sets you apart from being a carbon copy of everyone else.

Be yourself.


Amalia Molina



i am a licensed piercer at Only Precision Piercing. I have been a part of the OPP family since 2016. Starting as an intern for Mark.

Over time I also learned from Rusty as well, I took the opportunity of working with two accomplished veterans in the piercing industry to learn and apply everything I could from them until 2018 when I officially became licensed to pierce. To this day i continue to hone my craft so I'am able to keep providing high quality piercings to our wonderful customers.

Piercing and all body mods have piqued my interest since a young age as well. I would play in the parking lot of a piercing shop when i was a young girl and i would admire the jewelry from the outside and prompt me to do my own research.

Being raised with a more conservative family, I waited until I was 18 for my own first piercing. Once i started I didn't stop until I had turned my body into my own personal view of beauty and continue to do so. Being able to provide the same service to others has been a dream for me. Besides being a piercer i am also a Mother to a Beautiful boy and family has always been number one to me. I consider everyone at Only Precision and our clients my FAMILY.

I look forward to meeting every one of our supporters!

Habla Espanol!


Eric Sanchez



My name is Eric Sanchez. I was born and raised in the valley for most of my life. After busting my booty during my school years to acquire funding through scholarships, I attended 5 years at Western Washington University to pursue my bachelors in Psychology, minor in Business, and Leadership studies. All my energy and time seemed to conflict with something within that was bursting to get out.

At the time, whatever that was, was not aligning with my soul path in a the clinical setting I was aiming towards. 

In the midst of that I started a family and am the father of 2 beautiful souls that became my world. That push of chaos and letting the universe take control for a bit led me to opportunities of body piercing, body suspension, fire walking, hook pulls, and other avenues of practices that seem out if the ordinary to current societal norms. In essence they encompassed and aligned with healing, releasing, and self actualization. 

I was captivated by my choice and freedom to delve into my true natural interests and turn my hobbies into work. I practiced for two years on friends and family and their extensions only to find my passion aligned with what I learned in school. I went to take Fakir’s Intensives program for Body Piercing and got to meet, get taught , and get pierced by Fakir Musafar himself along with many others holding high ranks in the body piercing community. Taking it a step further I opened and started a business with my partner at the time and united my skills with my passion. Three years of success came with that. Then the newfound pandemic shifted things to an almost complete stop. 

Mark pierced me on my 18th birthday which marked my first out of the ordinary interest and freedom of self expression experience. He pierced me down the road again without the slightest clue we would intertwine later in our crafts. I am proud to be aligned with the energies of Mark and everyone at O.P.P. As a new addition I am ecstatic to come on board in full swing to connect and pierce with all who come through our doors. I am humbled and grateful at helping others through their journey of self expression, adorning their body, and soothing their souls with every piercing and every interaction! Hope we meet soon! 


Racheal Taylor



Hi! My name is Racheal (Ra-shell) and I am apprenticing under Mark at Only Precision Piercing to become a licensed body piercer. I also love any and every opportunity to learn from our other piercers Rusty, Amalia and Eric. As well as every client that walks through our doors.

I’ve been in love with body art of all kinds for as long as I can remember. I never stop getting excited for body jewelry and I completely understand the therapeutic value that body modifications have for all different types of people and lifestyles. The history of body modifications interests me in a way that no other piece of history could, or ever will. I have lived a lot of different lifestyles throughout life, and I truly believe that this is my calling in life.

My experiences with employment have been quite versatile, but my most important job of all has been raising my four sons. (Ages 16, 13, 12 and 8) They were the very first and only dream that I ever had in life, until body piercing that is. And still, at the end of every day, everything that I do is for those four boys. They are what gives me my motivation and my desire to always do better. They are everything that gives me life.

I really had no idea that body piercing would become a personal calling of mine until one day I discovered Only Precision Piercing and decided to get pierced by Rusty. I fell in love with their customer service and continued to return for piercings and body jewelry. During this time, I met Mark and I learned that he had a position available at the shop. I let him know that I was very interested, and things moved forward from there. Every time that I set foot in our door, I know that I am exactly where I belong, and they do such a wonderful job of letting me know how true that is.

 I can’t tell you why I never allowed myself to dream bigger than what was right in front of me at the time. I could say that it was fear, or insecurities, or having lots of babies. There are a lot of viable reasons I could throw at you, but I honestly just think it was never the right time until now. The journey that I have been on the last 36 years has taken many routes and detours and every step of that path has prepared me to be capable of fulfilling and expanding my dreams in the piercing industry. I’m extremely grateful for everyone’s part in my journey and I’m very much looking forward to being a part of your journey as well.