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Frequently asked questions

1. What kind of ID is acceptable for a walk-in Piercing?

A: We need items we can physically copy to our release form for the procedure. Something with a name, a picture, AND a birthdate. For minors, a school ID AND a birth certificate would work perfect. Or a State issued driver's license. we will also accept Skyward Family Access. All of this info must be present for us to pierce you at our shop, no exceptions.

2. How long does it take for my piercing to heal?

A: Its best to ask the piercer who did it for you. Or you can call us and ask. Every piercing and area of the body heals quicker/slower than other areas.

3. What piercings will you not perform?

A: Anything that is not safe or sane to perform or is out of our comfort zone.

4. Age restrictions for piercings?

A: Nostrils and Navel is 15 with parental consent. Earlobes: Any age as long as the client is able to tell us that they want them done. Everything else is 16 with parental consent (besides surface work, Industrials, Genital, etc). Everything else is 18+ years or older to have the piercing done by yourself. And, of course, photo ID is a must as well.

5. Any price breaks or deals?

A: Sometimes if a single client is getting 3 or more piercings in one sitting, then we might offer a slight price break. We offer great quality piercings with quality piercing jewelry!

7. Who can sign for me to get a piercing as a minor?

A: it must be a legal guardian. AKA, your parent(s). Grandparents and older siblings CANNOT sign for you legally. If you are an emancipated minor, we must have court paperwork proving so (legal, notarized document from the courts). Same with a legal guardian of the minor, the only way we can offer service if this is done legally through the courts, again, we would need the court documents to be present with you at the time of service.